More Book Recomendations–3rd Grades through 8th

Picture books are fun to share and read, but many parents, caregivers, and children think that they are something young children alone enjoy. Not so! There are many picture books that children in third, fourth, and fifth graders can enjoy. Storytelling, reading aloud, and talking about what is being read is a great way to bring students, families, and children together, learning about each other, the world around us, and ourselves. Here are some books that would be fun to share:
Top Picks for Grade School Read Aloud and Book Talks
Grades 3-4
Sacher, Louis, Sideways Stories from Wayside School
Dahl, Roald, BFG
Howe, Deborah, Bunnicula
Hale, Bruce, Snoring Beauty
Wood, Audrey, Heckedy Peg

Grades 4-5
Mem, Fox, Feathers and Fools
Kipling, Rudyard, How the Camel Got his Hump
Hamilton, Virgina, The Girl Who Spun Gold
Lowry, Lois, Number the Stars
Hahn, Mary Downing, Wait till Helen Comes

Grades 5-6
Haddix, Margaret Peterson, Running out of Time
Sleator, William, Rewind
Almond, David, Skellig
Curtis, Christopher Paul, Bud, Not Buddy
Na, An, A Step From Heaven

Grades 6-7
Hesse, Karen, Out of the Dust
Trueman, Terry, Stuck in Neutral
Enzensberger, Hans Magnus, Lost in Time
Creech, Sharon, Walk Two Moons
Sacher, Louis, Holes

Grades 7-8
Pfeffer, Susan Beth, Life As We Knew It
Johnson, Angela, The First Part Last
Anderson, Susan Halse, Speak
Woodson, Jacqueline, I Hadn’t Meant to Tell You This
Card, Orson Scott, Enchantment


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