Rhyme Time!

This week we will be introducing rhymes to work on phonological awareness. We will be using five sets of stamps with images of 3-4 rhyming words, such as Cat, Rat, Hat, and Bat. Children can stamp them on papers printed with each set of words on them and then discuss what the words have in common, as well as work on letter and print awareness.

Rhyming is a phonological skill that can be introduced at a very young age, as the rhythm of the text appeals to infants. Toddlers can recognize patterns and relationships between words and sounds. Pre-scholars can began to distinguish the distinct phonemes and the relationship with letters and text. Rhymes are also a way of expanding vocabulary.

One of my favorite parts of rhyming is that it is just fun! Books with rhymes are frequently humorous, and are some of children’s favorite books. Certainly poetry with rhyme is the first type of poetry most children read. So, I’ve got to read lots of fun books with rhymes and display some of my favorites.


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