Letter Lacing!

This week’s activity following storytime is Lacing! When I was a child I used to have some cardboard shapes that we laced, and I remember enjoying them. So I modified the activity to tie it into our literacy theme. So we are lacing letters–continuing the alphabet from our alphabet books, with E,F,G,H and I. The letters are made with foam, cut on the ellison die, with holes made with a hole punch. Yarn is cut to a length suitable for each of the letters.

Hopefully, this activity will encourage children to practice their letters, work on motor skills, and have a good time learning. Parents can also use the library’s dies to make a complete set of letters to practice with at home. The foam is sturdy enough that children can practice lacing more then once and in different patterns.

In addition, this is an activity that caregivers can take with them to work on at home. Take-home activities are VERY popular, as many children are overstimulated at the library, want lunch, a nap, and quiet before they can work on a literacy activity. Many parents work these activities into their regular at-home education practices, and we include books with other suggestions.


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