Shapes! Shapes! Shapes!

Spring break and the last week of March featured fun with shapes. This activity focused on color and shape recognition, as well as working on motor skills with cutting and using glue sticks. Plus it was FUN for kids as young as 2 and as old as 10!

An easy activity, we printed a square, a circle, a triangle, and a rectangle on colored copy paper. Some of these shapes we cut out so the smallest kids could participate, others we allowed children to cut out. Then we brought out 11 x 16 pieces of white copy paper. Children with the help of caregivers were able to cut out shapes and paste them to their pages in whatever pattern and order they wished. They could choose whatever colors they wanted and as many shapes and colors as they had patience to cut and paste.

To support this activity, we displayed some fun shape books, as well as books on colors. And along with helping children with cutting and figuring out how to paste, I and a teen volunteer asked children to discuss their creations. Several older children from a daycare facility asked to have their creations displayed–which we did!

Some of our fun books: Ship Shapes Ship Shapes
Shape Capers
Shape Capers
So Many Circles, So Many Squares
So Many Circles, So Many Squares
Mouse Shapes
Mouse Shapes


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