Libraries–Helping Children!

Right now I work in two different libraries and am attending Library Science school–this keeps me very busy, but never too busy to share my enthusiasm with everyone I encounter. I’m particularly excited about my two jobs in Youth Services, and the literacy activities I’ve been presenting. I spend large portions of my time sharing with other library employees and anyone willing to stand still long enough to hear my latest plans for encouraging literacy and anecdotes from my latest projects.

Part of this is advocacy–as the more I’m able to communicate the importance of what I’m doing the more likely other librarians are to continue it after I leave and the more likely it is to reach more children. But it is also that I just really, really enjoy what I do!  Today a co-worker asked what I was doing, and I started to explain how what I was working on was going to help the children do the activity better.  She stopped me in the middle to say: “Just say you are helping children–it is shorter, and it is pretty much always true!”

So here I am, full of enthusiasm, and ready to share my love of libraries, children, reading, and my commitment to fostering literacy and life-long learning!


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